Have you ever spent time viewing something you believed would make a beautiful photo only to find, after you had taken it, that it was not what you had envisioned? That, even though you ended up with a photograph, the feelings and impressions you had while taking it were not represented in that photograph? I will show you how to capture what you want to hold on to.

Come join one (or all) of my workshops. I meet with a group once a week.
If you prefer, I will advise you privately, either in person or online. 

845 750 5261

They will all be held close to and in Keene, NH and Brattleboro, VT.
I will give you the specific meeting place for each workshop as soon as you sign up.

It might seem intimidating but – after you have a basic understanding of how to use your camera – nothing beats spending quality photography time in the field with a group of like minded people and a professional to help you find new ways to hone your photography skills and increase your confidence as a photographer.

I will help you with your camera settings in so far as they relate to your objectives for the workshop. If you have any general questions about them, please contact me beforehand and I will be happy to help.

Some of the benefits of joining my photography workshop(s) include:

Small group sizes ensure that you get loads of personal attention.
In-the-field feedback on your images
Targeted practical exercises means you can focus on one thing at a time
Individual instruction at your experience level
Tips, ideas and loads of inspiration from myself and the group
A relaxed, non-intimidating environment

Discover how your camera lens differs from your eye and how you can find the language you, yourself, own to translate those differences.

We will gain a deeper understanding of what our ‘seeing’ tells us; a deeper comprehension of our own visions and knowledge of how to represent those visions.

PS  If you are old enough to know how a camera works, you are old enough to join us.

France Menk works as an international photographer and creative director. She is based in New Hampshire – USA’s beautiful New England area – and will help you develop creative approaches and solutions to your own photography interests.

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