We will continue to cover elements of making the photographs we see in our mind. Through sharing observations and analyses, we will expand our own awareness.

The first Saturday in Brattleboro
. We will meet at 9am. The retail push will be starting, as will the shoppers. A terrific time to try your skills at photographing strangers, as well as the Brattleboro ambience..

We will be out and about until 1pm, after which we will have lunch outside, and an examination of the day. All questions and comments will be welcome.

We will start with 5 of your favorite photos (to show electronically). If you would like me to review your work privately, shoot me an email.

Because so many of you have asked, we will go over the process of getting correct exposure: how to use manual control. For those of you who are experienced with this,   we will work one on one with anything you prefer. 

If the weather is bearable, we will spend about 4 hours outside and then return to throw out questions, problems and solutions.

I will send you the meeting place as soon as you sign up.

All levels welcome!! 

Remember that every workshop has time for individual coaching.

Be in touch! Use the email icon above or call me directly on my cell: 845 750 5261

When you sign up for 6, in addition to the discount (see the terms), you will receive a professional sling camera bag which will hold everything you need for a day’s outing. If you sign up within at least 3 days of your first workshop, I will have the bag delivered in time for you to fill it beforehand.


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