A camera ;-), a wiggle-proof tripod light enough to carry, a day pack for lunch, beverage, rain jacket, sun hat, sun block, bug repellent, extras of your preference – all light enough for a full day’s walking and – if you wish to shoot on the fly – light enough to stay on your back without interfering.


A sense of humor, fellowship with others, a sense of adventure, moderate agility – we will not be leaping over fences, but we could be on uneven ground.

Be responsible for yourself. Please select footwear appropriate for the conditions of the shoot.


Add to the rain jacket (can be used as a windbreak as well), a wool hat, wool, fleece, or down sweater
(or equivalent), glove liners suitable for use with your camera. Please dress for the weather of the day. We will go out unless the weather is extreme.


Please check the forecast in the morning for temperature and wind chill. You should have thin “liner” gloves so that you do not have to touch your camera with bare hands. Metal, bare skin, and frostbite are lovers. We will go out in all temperatures. Balaclavas are useful to protect your face against frostbite. If you have any questions, please call me at any time. Sometimes adversity can offer a chance for great fun!!

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